Polyclonal antibodies against difficult targets such as small molecules

Polyclonal antibodies still hold great value for small molecules!

Polyclonal antibodies are a fast, cost-effective way of generating antibodies that still offer values today. For antibodies raised against small molecules, having antibodies able to recognise multiple epitope permits to gain in sensitivity and working titer. Usually for this particular application, good monoclonal antibodies are difficult to obtain. This is why we still immunise rabbits allowing us to provide high quality antibodies.

Immunochem offers comprehensive services for the production of polyclonal antibodies based on our extensive experience in the field. Our services include:

  • peptide or hapten conjugation
  • immunisations 
  • collection of pre-immune, test and terminal bleeds
  • testing for antibody titre and specificity including a study of the relevant cross-reactants. 

Additionally, we offer various options for purifying the immunoglobulin, including Protein A/G, ion-exchange, and  affinity purification if needed. Pricing varies based on the number of hosts and level of purification needed, please contact us for more information.

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