Immunochem - Your source for antibodies.

We offer highly specific and sensitive antibodies against small molecules.

Immunochem is originally specialised in the development of antibodies against natural hormones. Our services include the synthesis, conjugation and supply of the antigens, the immunization tailored to the desired application and the production of the antibody with all the quality requirements needed for the European market. Our antibodies can be processed to match your application and are validated in ELISA and/or RIA. Cross-reactivity profiles are available and multiple antigens could be used for different immunization to reach certain requirements.
The supply of highly specific and sensitive antibodies is our core business for over 20 years. We distribute our products around the world. 

Why chose Immunochem?

We have a demonstrated track record of small molecules antibodies such as:

  • Natural hormones
  • Steroids
  • antibiotics & antimicrobials
  • etc.

New antibodies are continuously being developed and new targets evaluated. Details and performances files are available on request by email.

High sensitivity

Detection of low levels of the target antigen.

High working titer 

This leads to efficiency and cost-effective assay.

Low cross-reactivity

Only binds its target antigen.

Easy to manufacture

Our facilities and partners allows us to do so.

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